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Clumping Bamboo

Don't be afraid of clumping Bamboo!!!!!

They have a general footprint that they are the easiest of all bamboo to control. 

Some clumping Bamboo grow really tight, and some grow more open. Between species they have a varied footprint that rarely exceeds its growth.

Generally clumping bamboo rarely exceeds 300mm root depth, so they don't invade sewers or storm water pipes like most other plants that grow to their height in comparison.


They have a fibrous root system that keeps them in the ground in strong winds with help of their flexibility throughout the culm's.

Clumping bamboo are not renowned to up lift concrete slabs like most other trees if they are planted within their guidelines.

Bamboo not only grows faster than any other plant, but it produces more than 35 percent more oxygen than hardwood trees. It has been found that bamboo can absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per 2.5 acres in a single year.

Bamboo can help stabilize the planet’s atmosphere, absorb excess carbon dioxide, and help fight global climate change. Bamboo also helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding, due to its extensive, strong root system. This makes bamboo one of the most planet-friendly substances in existence.

Pros of Clumping Bamboo:

Cons of Clumping Bamboo:

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