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  • Bambusa textilis var. gracilis - Slender Weaver

Maximum height:            6-8 meters

Cane diameter:                 4 cm

Clump diameter:              1.2 meters.

Minus temp:                      -12°c

Shape:                                 Erect

Type:                                   Clumping Bamboo


Slender Weavers Bamboo is the undisputed king of bamboo.
Gracilis can be used as a screen or a wind break.

This bamboo can be cut to any height making a perfect hedge to screen out neighboring buildings or other non-desirable views. Plant along your driveway to give a perfect green fence. Gracilis has a very tight clump, is very erect and fast growing.

200mm Pot:  $   45 Each (Small) 'Special Price'

200mm Pot:  $   60 Each (Large)

250mm Pot:  $ 110 Each

300mm Pot:  $ 170 Each

400mm Pot:  $ 300 Each

500mm Pot:  $ 400 Each

Please Note: Prices and stock can change at any time

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